Wiwynn at OCP Global Summit 2021

Booth C2, San Jose Convention Center
November 9–10, 2021

Wiwynn, as one of the active members of the OCP, thrives to continue to provide the best TCO, workload optimized IT solutions for data centers. In the 2021 OCP Summit, we are here to present our “Open from Cloud to Edge 2.0”. We will also be sharing technology workshops around advanced cooling solutions, open hardware and firmware design.

Open Cloud to Edge 2.0

We are excited to share with you our next generation OCP 21”/19” abundant OCP inspired solutions, which are not only denser and more power efficient with next generation platforms, but most importantly, they are field proven in mega scale data centers. For edge offering, we have the Open Edge solutions for bare metal or virtual CU/DU, as well as platforms good for AI edge applications.

Cloud Solutions

5 featured products
OCP Yosemite Version 3

Multi-node Server with Rich Configurations for Scalable Cloud Service

  • Up to 12 Server Nodes (1U) for Scalable Services
  • Power Efficient Scalable 4U Platform for Flexible Compute, Storage, and Deep Learning Acceleration
  • Multi-host OCP 3.0 Shared NIC for Unified System Management
  • Non-stop Operation and Front I/O Service for Easy Installation and Maintenance


OCP Grand Canyon

Versatile Storage System for Big Data, Archiving Applications

  • High Density Storage Server with 72 HDDs for One or Two Head Nodes
  • Diversified Configuration for Various Usages including  Storage Expansion JBOD 
  • SAS-4 24Gbps Interface Doubles Interconnection Bandwidth
  • Redundant Cooling and Hot Swappable HDD for High Availability
Derivative Intel® Junction City

Ideal Server Solution for Web Services, comes with both PSU and Busbar Options

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  • Intel Xeon Scalable Processors with Built-in AI & Security Acceleration
  • On-rack Serviceability for Time Saving in Modern Data Center
  • Equipped with OCP NIC 3.0 and DC Busbar with Openness and Scale Tenets
  • Vanity-free Design Enabling Power Efficiency with PSU and Option DC busbar
Ampere Mt.Jade 2U

ARM Based Server with Powerful and Cost-effective Storage Options

  • Incorporate Powerful Ampere Altra, Altra Max 64-bit Processors
  • Rich PCIe Device Support and Flexible PCIe Expansion
  • Offer High Performance of TCO Benefit 
  • Support High Performance U.2 and Cost-effective SAS/SATA SSD  
  • Redundant PSU and Fan with High Availability
Olympus Server + 2 Phase Immersion Cooling Technology
  • The Next-Level Cooling Solution: Saving 90% Cooling Energy
  • Outstanding Power Density and Cooling Efficiency
  • Robust management system for Tank Monitoring
  • 1.01 Partial PUE

AI Solutions

2 featured products


OAI Training Server
  • Aggregated AI training system with 2S server processors 
  • OCP NIC 3.0 x 2 for NUMA balance
  • Fully connected OAM architecture on UBB
  • 6 x QSFP-DDs 400GbE ports with RDMA for system scale-out
  • Drawer and Front I/O design for Easy Installation and Maintenance


OAI Training Server w/ 2PIC
  • 6KW Heat Rejection per U and 3KW Demonstrated
  • Integrated Dry Cooler for Seamless Heat Rejection
  • 19-inch & 21-inch Compatible
  • Smart Controls and Real-Time Monitoring
  • Customized UI and Communication

Edge Solutions

3 featured products
OCP openEDGE Platform

Field Proven All-in-one Platform for 5G CU/DU/5GC/MEC and Private 5G Environment

  • 3U Short-Depth Chassis and Front Service for Edge Computing Environment
  • ONF Aether Project Demo in ONF Booth
  • Flexible Sled Design for Various Sled Options
  • Pooled Power Supply for Energy Efficiency
  • OpenRMC Based System Management
Full-Featured Edge

Powerful Edge Solution with Flexible Configuration for Various Edge Applications

  • 2U Short Chassis and Easy Maintenance for Edge Environment
  • Open Platform, High Speed, and Support Dual OCP NIC 3.0
  • Flexible Configuration for Computing, Storageincluding AI Inference and NFVi
  • Easy Installation on Telcom Cabinets or Racks in Data Center


Edge Platform as Tank

Independ Edge Platform Ideally for Portable/Road-Side Applications in Various Edge Conditions

  • 2,000W High Cooling Capability w/o Air Flow Requirement 
  • Rich Sensors for System Monitor and Management
  • Wide Range Temperature and Fully Sealed for Harsh Environment
  • IP-67 Compliance for Outdoor Application
  • High Endurance Two Phase Immersion Cooling Technology


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Tuesday, Nov 9
2:00pm – 2:25pm

Open from Cloud to Edge, Building Our Solutions with Modular Design
Executive TrackRaghavan Venugopal, Executive Director
2:00pm – 2:25pm

Open from Cloud to Edge 2.0
Expo Hall TalkSteven Hwang, Executive Director
Wednesday, Nov 10
10:00am – 10:25am

PANEL: One Year of Two Phase (2P) Immersion Cooling in the Cloud: Lessons Learned
Cooling EnvironmentsSimon Chen, Thermal Mechanical Engineer
10:00am – 10:50am

ORv3 Blind Mate Liquid Cooling Lightning Talks
Rack & PowerPico Ou
1:25pm – 1:40pm

OAI Workstreams Update: High Speed, System and Power
ServerChuang Ruan, Field Application Engineer
2:20pm – 2:35pm

Rack Management Solution by Wiwynn
Hardware ManagementJacky Hung, Senior Manager
2:35pm – 2:50pm

Yosemite V3 SW Management Introduction
Hardware ManagementMatt Chen, Software Engineer
Steven Hwang, Executive Director
4:00pm – 4:15pm

OCP Server DeltaLake OSF How-tos and Security
Open System Firmware (OSF)Johnny Lin, Assistant Technical Manager
4:50pm – 4:55pm

Pros and Cons of integrating a modular BMC design (DC-SCM card) into a server
ServerChun Xin
5:10pm – 5:11pm

ON DEMAND: Improvement of OAI System Management
ServerHuang Hope, OAI System management


You can mail to Sales@wiwynn.com for more information.