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Get access to in-depth Whitepapers on building data center solutions, cooling, and AI accelerating in the cloud

White Paper: Scalability and Flow Distribution of Immersion Cooling Tank

With the rapid growth of immersion cooling, Wiwynn has developed a 1-Phase Immersion Tank to meet the rising power demands of emerging technologies...

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White Paper: The Practice of the Wiwynn Management Device

The whitepaper thoroughly discusses the benefits of the Wiwynn Management Device across various critical usage scenarios in liquid-cooled...

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White Paper: Server Design for Sustainability

The global data center construction market is set to soar, expected to hit a staggering USD 453.5 billion by 2033 with a robust 6.7% CAGR from USD...

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White Paper: Wiwynn Management Solution for Advanced Cooling Technology

In an era where computing speeds are skyrocketing, the hunt for cooling technologies that can keep up is on. Enter the world of liquid and immersion...

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White Paper: O-RAN 5G AI Server: AI/ML Training and Inference Platform

The O-RAN Alliance's new network architecture revolutionizes 5G and B5G by disaggregating RAN functions and automating performance control,...

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White Paper: O-RAN Enhanced 5G Server, A Cloud-Native Platform for vRAN

The O-RAN Alliance, formed by global CSPs, is revolutionizing RAN technology towards an open, standardized ecosystem, moving away from traditional...

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White Paper: Analysis of Different Rack-Level Direct-to-Chip Liquid Cooling Solutions

This whitepaper provides an in-depth analysis and investigation of rack-level liquid cooling solutions, including Standalone air-assisted,...

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Outdoor High Performance Computing Edge Server

White Paper: Outdoor High Performance Computing Edge Server

The surging demand for edge computing underscores the necessity for servers capable of rapid data processing and real-time decision-making....

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White Paper: Design and Performance Measurement Guidelines for Enhanced Boiler Plate

Nowadays, tremendous amounts of data processing, storage, and transmission are required for rising technologies and applications, such as cloud...

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