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The 2U Short-depth Platform for AI Inference/Training and All-in-one vRAN Applications

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5th Gen Intel® Xeon® CPUs with Enhanced Performance

Up to

Up to


Higher AI inference performance


Average performance gain


Reduction in TCO from 5 year refresh cycle

Unleash exceptional computing power with the Wiwynn ES200G2, a short-depth 2U single-socket edge server. Featuring the 5th Gen Intel® Xeon® Processor, it offers the flexibility to add two dual-width GPUs for lightweight training in on-premises data centers. Enhanced with built-in AI acceleration, Intel® Advanced Matrix Extensions (Intel® AMX), faster DDR5 memory, and PCIe Gen5, this processor delivers remarkable performance-per-watt gains across various workloads, ensuring excellent performance and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) efficiency.


AI Inference/Training and Diverse Applications


The ES200G2’s AI Training cluster and edge AI Inference capabilities empower edge computing by leveraging AI acceleration cards and flexible expansions, including the currently deployed NVIDIA L40S Tensor Core GPUs. This versatile feature facilitates high-performance tasks such as Generative AI, large language models (LLM), fine-tuning, as well as 3D graphics, rendering, video analytics, and multi-access edge computing in far-edge scenarios. Evidently, the ES200G2, equipped with 1 Intel 5th Gen CPUs + 2 NVIDIA L40S, has clinched the top spot in the Stable Diffusion XL performance test at the edge.

All-in-one vRAN Platform in Far Edge


The ES200G2 features an optimized, all-encompassing vRAN platform with four PCIe expansions to boost I/O capabilities. By streamlining the Central Unit (CU) and Distributed Unit (DU) functionalities, this design enhances network applications, providing a unified and high-performance solution for 5G O-RAN needs in far-edge scenarios.


NGC-Ready, NVQual-Certified, Wind River Criteria for Enhanced Performance


The ES200G2, showcasing NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC)-Ready and NVQual-Certified capabilities, aligns with the Wind River Certified standard, ensuring excellence in edge computing platforms. These features ensure NGC compatibility, enhance platform reliability, and position the ES200G2 as an ideal, cost-effective solution capable of scaling out to meet OVX architecture applications.

Carrier-grade and NEBS Level 3 Compliant


Built with a robust carrier-grade design, the ES200G2 complies with stringent NEBS Level 3 standards. This ensures unparalleled reliability, durability, and resilience, making it the ultimate choice for edge AI services and communication service providers (CoSPs) where availability is paramount.


Tech Spec


Node Specification
Model Name ES200G2 ES100G2
Form Factor 2U 1U
Processor 5th Gen Intel® Xeon® Processors up to 225W TDP
GPUs Two NVIDIA L40S Tensor Core GPUs Two NVIDIA L4 Tensor Core GPUs
Processor Sockets 1 (1 Socket/Node)
Chipset Intel® Emmitsburg PCH C741, TPM 2.0
Memory Eight DDR5-4400/4800 DIMM Slots, up to 128GB each
Storage and I/O
Storage • Two M.2 2280/22110 NVMe SSDs
• Four U.2 NVMe SSDs
Two M.2 2280/22110 NVMe SSDs
Expansion Slots • One OCP3.0 NIC card (10/25/40/50/100/200/400Gbps)
• Two FHFL dual-slot PCIe Gen5 x16 PCIe expansions
• One FHHL PCIe Gen5 x16 PCIe expansion
• One OCP3.0 NIC card (10/25/40/50/100/200/400Gbps)
• Two HHHL PCIe Gen5 x16 PCIe expansions
• One FHHL PCIe Gen5 x16 PCIe expansion
Remote Management IPMI v2.0 Compliant; RedFish®API
I/O Ports •Power Button with LED
• UID Button with LED
• Reset Button
• Three USB ports
• Management port (front side)
• VGA port
• COM port
Physical Specification
Dimensions 87(H) x 438 (W) x 420 (D) mm 43.5 (H) x 438 (W) x 420 (D) mm
Weight 15kg 10kg
PSU 2400 Watts AC to DC power supply 800 Watts AC to DC power supply
Fan Four 8056 Hot-Plug dual rotor fans, N+1 Redundant Six 4056 Hot-Plug dual rotor fans, N+1 Redundant
Operating conditions • FCC CFR47 15 (class A), CISPR 32 (class A), CISPR 35
• NEBS Level 3 compliant
Safety • IEC 62368-1:2014
• IEC 62368-1:2018
• UL 62368-1 3rd Ed
Seismic Tolerance NEBS Level 3 compliant
Acoustic Noise NEBS Level 3 compliant
Fire Resistance NEBS Level 3 compliant



Category File Title Release Date Actions
Datasheet ES200G2 Datasheet 2024/01/17 Download