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ESG Sustainability

While we are developing and expanding our business, we continue achieving the goals of caring the environment in our society and sharing good.

Words from the Chairman


To all the stakeholders who care about the sustainable development in Wiwynn Corporation,

COVID-19 in 2020 brought us new normal, and we continued adjusting and adapting to the continuous changes in 2021. Each small change affected everything else and challenged our capability of agile response and resilience. However, we were also able to review and adjust ourselves through these opportunities and continued moving towards the goal of sustainable development. The keywords for the industry in 2021 were supply shortage. Rush orders, port congestion, capacity rescheduling, and the panic of material shortage were testing our capability of wheeling and dealing. With the efforts of all the employees, customers, and suppliers, we still managed to create an excellent performance of annual revenue of NT$196.2 billion and EPS of NT$49.46 under the difficult state of supply chain.

In May, the epidemic in Taiwan broke out. Thanks to the early adoption of digital tools, we were able to have responding plans rapidly for working from home to ensure the continuous product development, factory operation, and business promotion. During the Level 3 COVID-19 alert, we used video conference technology to assist the Shareholders’ Meeting for the first time to ensure the rights and interests of shareholders and protect the health and safety of the participants. Our investment in digital transformation and end-user computing won us the recognition of Harvard Business Review Digital Transformation Ding Ge Award.



In terms of corporate governance, we promoted to enhance the system of the intellectual property rights protection as well as successfully obtained Level A certification from Taiwan Intellectual Property Management System (TIPS). Besides, we joined the high-tech security alliance and established Information Security Committee to respond to the rising challenges on information security. We also worked with the partners in our supply chain to implement supplier ESG audit and promote the development of ESG in the industry.

As for sustainable environment, other than continuing developing sustainable products and participating in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), we also joined Taiwan Climate Coalition and set up the goals of achieving 30% of carbon reduction and 30% of green energy utilization in 2030. Our Office for Sustainable Development also launched “Ocean Hugs” program to focus on embracing ocean with the missions of “recycling, regeneration, plastics reduction, and sharing good with living beings.” In November 2021, we planted 800 tree saplings by the sea at Wujie Township, Yilan County as the first step of coastal line protection and tree planting along the coast around the island. In addition, we worked with foundations to host relevant educational and promotional activities. It is to help our colleagues understand the positive environmental benefits created by the tree planting along the coast. From awareness to action, we expected to promote the virtuous circle and implement the concept of protecting ocean to the details of company operation.

We also believe the investment in ESG will help attract talents sharing the same values as well as bridging us with the new-generation job seekers. Other than the selffulfillment at work, we want to help our employees creating meaningful and positive impacts to the environment and the society.

Facing an environment full of changes, we maintain our original intention and invest in various topics of sustainable development related to the operation of the Company with innovative thinking and technology. While we are developing and expanding our business, we continue achieving the goals of caring the environment in our society and sharing good.

Sustainability Performance




Recognitions and Honors of Sustainability




Responding to the SDGs


The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) include 17 goals and 169 targets which serve as the guidelines for global development to 2030. Wiwynn’s actions taken to achieve sustainability correspond to 12 targets specified in the SDGs

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This Report follows GRI Standards published by Global Reporting Initiative for the preparation of core options as well as refers to the industrial criteria announced by Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as the principles for reporting.

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Stakeholder Communication


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Wiwynn provides the channels of communication with stakeholders, including of employees, suppliers, customers, shareholders, as below:

Spokesperson: Emily Hong
Title: CEO
Tel: +886-2-6615-8888
Email: IR@wiwynn.com

Deputy Spokesperson: Harry Chen
Title: CFO
Tel: +886-2-6615-8888
Email: IR@wiwynn.com