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ESG at Wiwynn: Sustainability

With innovation, we'll drive digital development while prioritizing environmental sustainability. To achieve the common good, let's create mutual benefits for both society and the environment.

Vision and Mission

Recognition and Performance



Environment Social Governance
SBTi carbon reduction targets
Passed the review of carbon reduction targets by SBTi to link with international decarbonization pathways
The ratio of the amount of employee compensation distribution increased compared to that in 2021
Earnings per share hit a record high
Global renewable energy utilization rate in 2022
The amount of money invested in social participation
Amount of money invested in R&D
Green electricity transfer in the whole area
HQ full area achieves renewable energy switching
Learning hours through the global online learning platform
The ratio of global total number of approved patents increased compared to that in 2021
1.7 Forest Parks
The environmental benefits of the product are equivalent to the carbon absorption of approximately 1.7 Forest Parks
Total amount of money spent in employee training
Level A
Obtained TIPS certification
Percentage of the types of halogen-free components on new products
Voluntary turnover rate reduced 5.52% compared to that in 2021
External evaluation of the performance of the Board of Directors
Strengthening the operation of the Board of Directors
Waste recycling and reutilization rate
Vitality holidays
Signing rate of the global employee code of conduct



Watch our esg story. We are on a journey together to create a better tomorrow.

Linking with SDG


The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) include 17 goals and 169 targets which serve as the guidelines for global development to 2030. Wiwynn’s actions taken to achieve sustainability correspond to 12 targets specified in the SDGs

Eco-friendly-operation Sustainable-supply-chain Driven-people-with-shared-beliefs Innovation-with-green-technology

Sustainability Reports and Documents


This Report follows GRI Standards published by Global Reporting Initiative for the preparation of core options as well as refers to the industrial criteria announced by Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as the principles for reporting.

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Stakeholder Engagement


Through the five principles (dependency, responsibility, impact, multiple viewpoints, and tension) of AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement standard (SES), Wiwynn Corporation identified six categories of major stakeholders. We consider the topics that stakeholders concern and the purpose of engagement to understand the topics and demands from stakeholders in each category. We implement effective communication with stakeholders through proper and applicable channels and report the communication situation with stakeholders and material topics to the Board of Directors regularly every year. The latest date of submission to the Board of Directors was February 22, 2023.









Wiwynn provides the channels of communication with stakeholders, including of employees, suppliers, customers, shareholders, as below:

Spokesperson: CFO Harry Chen
Deputy Spokesperson: Frances Wu
Tel: +886-2-6615-8888
Email: IR@wiwynn.com

ESG Contact 
Email: ESG@wiwynn.com

Business Conduct 
Email: Ethic@wiwynn.com



Survey Link

To ensure effective communication with stakeholders regarding our sustainability report, we kindly ask for your feedback and suggestions to help us understand the issues that matter to you. Your input will serve as a crucial cornerstone for information disclosure in the report.