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An innovation leader in the cloud infrastructure industry. Focusing on power efficiency, speed transmission and thermal solutions

The Next Era of Innovation

At Wiwynn, we help data centers to solving the most important challenges of the world around us, from cloud to edge


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White Paper: Scalability and Flow Distribution of Immersion Cooling Tank

With the rapid growth of immersion cooling, Wiwynn has developed a 1-Phase Immersion Tank to meet the rising power...

White Paper: The Practice of the Wiwynn Management Device

The whitepaper thoroughly discusses the benefits of the Wiwynn Management Device across various critical usage...

White Paper: Server Design for Sustainability

The global data center construction market is set to soar, expected to hit a staggering USD 453.5 billion by 2033 with...

White Paper: Wiwynn Management Solution for Advanced Cooling Technology

In an era where computing speeds are skyrocketing, the hunt for cooling technologies that can keep up is on. Enter the...