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An innovation leader in the cloud infrastructure industry. Focusing on power efficiency, speed transmission and thermal solutions

The Next Era of Innovation

At Wiwynn, we help data centers to solving the most important challenges of the world around us, from cloud to edge


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1 min read

Design and Performance Measurement Guidelines for Enhanced Boiler Plate

Nowadays, tremendous amounts of data processing, storage, and transmission are required for rising technologies and...

1 min read

Architecture and Capabilities of Multi-Partition Boot

Multi-Partition Boot is a method for a computer system having Booting Units and a large quantity of Central Processing...

Future-Ready Cooling Solutions and Easy Service Design for AI Training Systems

Air cooling is the traditional way to remove heat generated from processing units by directing cool air through hot...

OAI System Liquid Cooling Guidelines

This document is not a specification for OAI/OAM products. It is a set of guidelines on the design, validation, and...