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An innovation leader in the cloud infrastructure industry. Focusing on power efficiency, speed transmission and thermal solutions

The Next Era of Innovation

At Wiwynn, we help data centers to solving the most important challenges of the world around us, from cloud to edge


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White Paper: O-RAN 5G AI Server: AI/ML Training and Inference Platform

The O-RAN Alliance's new network architecture revolutionizes 5G and B5G by disaggregating RAN functions and automating...

White Paper: O-RAN Enhanced 5G Server, A Cloud-Native Platform for vRAN

The O-RAN Alliance, formed by global CSPs, is revolutionizing RAN technology towards an open, standardized ecosystem,...

White Paper: Analysis of Different Rack-Level Direct-to-Chip Liquid Cooling Solutions

This whitepaper provides an in-depth analysis and investigation of rack-level liquid cooling solutions, including...

White Paper: Outdoor High Performance Computing Edge Server

The surging demand for edge computing underscores the necessity for servers capable of rapid data processing and...