President & CEO OfficeSet the Company’s major business strategies and directions, business goals, control and review the implementation and performance of the business goals.
Audit OfficePrepare an annual audit plan to assist managers in confirming the designed internal control system, effective and actual implementation of the design, so as to improve the organization’s operations and increase its overall value. Assist the organization and its managers to assess and improve risk management, internal control and corporate governance through systematic and disciplined approaches in order to achieve the organizational goals. Assist the Audit Committee to supervise the implementation of the internal control system and corporate governance.
SalesSet and execute the marketing and sales plans, order processing, account collection and production/sales coordination, grasp market demand and technology development trends, implement price strategies, and reflect market and customer demands.
Product ManagementSet new product research and development strategies, development progress control and product safety inspection.
Product DevelopmentNew product hardware research, development and testing.
OperationsImplement the production plans, procurement of raw materials, finished products and their cost and inventory management, supply chain planning and management, and global operations research. Management of factories and outsourcing of vendors, after-sales service and product failure analysis.
ITPlan and implement the Company’s computerized management system, network setup, maintenance and control, information security mechanism setup and implementation, computer software/hardware planning and maintenance, and overall computerized operation planning and implementation.
FinanceAccount processing, budget preparation and control, provision of business management analysis reports for management decision-making, bank transaction-related affairs and long/short-term capital deployment, handling of board meetings, annual shareholders’ meetings, derivative transactions, taxes declaration, investor relations and other operations.
Marketing CommunicationsPlan and execute marketing events. Production of video and publicity materials for products and PR purposes. Manage company brand and maintain external image, including website, social media, community, media exposure and third party organization relationship. News gathering and marketing data analysis.
Human ResourceBuild up human resource relevant management systems, overall manpower planning and development, employee welfare, and employee communication systems. Plan and implement recruitment, hiring, educational training, promotion, assessment, retirement, lay-off and general affairs related businesses.
LegalReview the Company’s transaction contracts and legal documents to provide legal opinions and negotiation support. Manage the Company’s dispute resolution procedures. Manage the application, protection and license matters of the Company’s intellectual property. Provide legal advices for the laws and regulations change and compliance issue. Plan and implement legal trainings to all employees.