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Get access to in-depth Whitepapers on building AI, advanced cooling, and edge accelerating in the cloud

White Paper: OCP Liquid Cooling Integration and Logistics White Paper

This whitepaper outlines guidance for liquid cooling integration and logistics when deploying liquid cooled Information Technology Equipment (ITE) and Racks in a data center facility. A comprehensive overview of ITE manufacturing stages is covered...

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Wiwynn 5G Solution for O-RAN DU and CU Architecture

In November 2020, Wiwynn partnered with Radisys to participate in the Second Global O-RAN Alliance Plugfest for multi-vendor interoperability test....

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OCP ACS Immersion Cooling

The OCP ACS (Advanced Cooling Solution) is a sub-project under the OCP Rack & Power Project. The Immersion sub-project enables community driven...

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OpenRMC Design Specification

The OpenRMC Sub-Project is under the direction of the OCP Hardware Management Project Groupand creates designs and specifications to enable...

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Analysis of Cold Plate Matrix in Rack-level Liquid Cooling System

Cooling for data center is becoming more and more challenging as the power of processing units increases significantly. Liquid cooling would be one...

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AI Inference Optimization on OCP openEDGE Platform

Looking for Edge AI Server for your new applications? What’s the most optimized solution? What parameters should take into consideration? Come to...

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Open System Firmware Development on OCP Platform

The OCP Open System Firmware (OSF) project is aiming to allow the system firmware (also known as BIOS) to be modified and shared by the owners OCP...

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