Cooling for data center is becoming more challenging as the power of processing units increases significantly. Wiwynn provide best-in-class cooling system, including Two-Phase Immersion Cooling and Cold Plate Liquid Cooling

Cooling Solutions Offering

Two-phase Immersion Cooling

Cold Plate Liquid Cooling

Compare Cooling Solutions

The table below gives information about the advanced cooling solutions including air cooling and liquid cooling solutions. The major comparison factors are listed on top. ● is best, ○ is improved, and an empty box is worst. The control, or the non-decisive factor, is the motherboard, where the information is based on comparing the same motherboard configuration.

Power-Density Low PUE Stable Environment Operator's Safety Ease of Mainteance Anti-Vibration

Wiwynn’s Proven Track Records

Solution Design Pioneer

Commit to the advanced cooling solution while establishing technical specifications, guidelines, and whitepapers

Tech Giant’s Recognition

“The findings motivated the Microsoft team to work with Wiwynn to develop a two-phase immersion cooling solution. The first solution is now running at Microsoft’s datacenter in Quincy.” – Microsoft

Best OCP Solution Provider

#1 order shipment: 9K+ OCP racks per quarter,
21+ OCP Accepted products, 9+ design contributions, & 4+ specifications

Why Wiwynn is You Best Partner for Advanced Cooling ?