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Wiwynn SV305A


Single-Socket and Workload Optimization Enabling TCO Advantages

Wiwynn SV305A is a light and compact computing server optimized specifically for web services and related applications. With AMD EPYC 7003 Series Processors embedded, SV305A is a single socket server with a simplified design, guaranteeing better power efficiency and improved overall TCO. SV305 also provides 200Gbps networking capability with OCP NIC3.0, fully satisfying web services’ higher IO bandwidth requirement.

Robust and Redundancy Design Enabling High Availability

For cloud service providers that allow no downtime, it is very crucial for system to have high availability. Wiwynn SV305A leaves out unnecessary components while reserving the fan backup mechanism with six redundant 4028 PWM Fans to assure high availability to perform web hosting and cloud services.



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Enhanced Performance and Inference Acceleration for Cloud Computing

Wiwynn SV305A is designed with AMD EPYC 7003 Series Processors to deliver exceptional performance with 64 cores, up to 32MB L3 cache/core using the new 7nm X86 hybrid die, 128 lanes of PCI-E Gen4, and 16 DIMM slots. AMD 3rd gen EPYC processors help customers achieve faster and better time to results, providing up to 25% generational performance gains in mid-tier CPUs. With embedded high internal integer and floating-point capacity, SV305 enables enhanced computing acceleration in the cloud and on-prem.

Easy Manageability and Expendability for Existing Network and Storage

Modern data centers are usually maintained in cold aisles. Wiwynn SV305A is designed with five hot-pluggable 2.5” U.2 NVMe SSDs, USB, status indicators and debug console, allowing operators to easily maintain the system and replace the drives. Meanwhile, the PCIe and OCP NIC 3.0 ports are designed on the rear side of the system to meet existing IT gears in the data centers.

Tech Spec

Processor, Memory and Chipset
ProcessorAMD EPYC™ 7003 Series Processors
Memory16 DIMM slots; DDR4 up to 3200MT/s RDIMM;
64GB/per DIMM; up to 1TB
Processor SocketsOne
Storage and I/O
Storage‧ One M.2 solid-state drives (PCIe Gen4 x4)
‧ Five U.2 (15/7mm) NVMe SSDs (hot-swappable)
Expansion Slots‧ One PCIe 4.0 x16 FHHL slot
‧ One PCIe 4.0 OCP 3.0 NIC x16
I/O PortsFront:
‧ One VGA port (D-sub)
‧ One USB 2.0 port
‧ PWR Button w/LED
‧ UID Button w/LED
‧ Reset Button
‧ SSD Access w/LED
‧ Two USB 3.0 port
‧ UID Button w/LED
‧ BMC Heart beat LED
LANOne GbE Dedicated BMC Port
Remote ManagementIPMI v2.0 Compliant
Power Supply, Physical and Packaging Specifications
FANSix 4028 PWM Fans (Redundant)
Power SupplySingle 550W CRPS
Form Factor and Dimensions1U Rack; 43.5 (H) * 432 (W) * 710 (D) (mm)


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