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Embrace AI with Sustainability

Wiwynn at GTC 2024, Mar 18–21

Booth 1619, San Jose Convention Center

Join Wiwynn at GTC 2024 as we embrace AI and sustainability, partnering with NVIDIA to demonstrate our cutting-edge solutions. We're proud to showcase our ARO200H rack, featuring Wiwynn’s SV7200H, a 1U dual GH200 system optimized for AI training and inference tasks, highlighting our AI innovation collaboration.


As a close NVIDIA partner, Wiwynn is among the first in line with NVIDIA GB200 NVL72 readiness. The newly announced NVIDIA GB200 Grace™ Blackwell Superchip supports the latest NVIDIA Quantum-X800 InfiniBand and NVIDIA Spectrum™-X800 Ethernet platforms. This innovation catapults generative AI to trillion-parameter scale, delivering 30x faster real-time large language model inference, 25x lower TCO, and 25x less energy consumption compared to the previous generation of GPUs.

Visit Wiwynn booth #1619 for the UMS100 management system, enhancing cooling flexibility and featuring Real-Time Monitoring, Energy Optimization, and Leak Detection.


Don't miss the opportunity to explore how Wiwynn's innovations are shaping the future of sustainable AI infrastructure. See you at GTC 2024!

Proved edge platform for versatile applications





Edge & AI Solutions



The Advanced 1U Short-depth Platform for Edge AI Inference and vRAN/NFV

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  • 5th Gen Intel®Xeon® Processors with Integrated AI Acceleration
  • Optimized vRAN/NFV Platform in Far Edge
  • AI Inference for Versatile Edge Applications
  • NGC-Ready, NVQual-Certified, Wind River Criteria for Enhanced Performance
  • Carrier-Grade and NEBS Level 3 Compliant


The 2U Short-depth Platform for AI Inference/Training and All-in-one vRAN Applications

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  • 5th Gen Intel® Xeon® Processors and Add-on AI Acceleration
  • AI Inference/Training and Diverse Applications
  • All-in-one vRAN Platform in Far Edge
  • NGC-Ready, NVQual-Certified, Wind River Criteria for Enhanced Performance
  • Carrier-Grade and NEBS Level 3 Compliant


All-in-one 5G Platform for CU/DU/5GC/MEC and Private Networks

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  • 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors
  • Flexible 1U/2U Sled Designs for Versatile Applications
  • Intel® QAT and AVX Enabled for Faster 5G/Edge Applications
  • Short-Depth Form Factor for Diverse Edge Locations
  • Pooled Power and Chassis Controller for Power Efficiency and Management

Vertical Use Cases with Partner Collaborations




Leveraging own proficiency in server design and manufacturing, Wiwynn actively working with eco-system partners to create synergies of combining expertise from hardware, software, and solution integration.

For different industry vertical applications, Wiwynn’s open RAN solution is designed to reduce infrastructure complexity and meet the field environmental constraints, and its short-depth form factor is perfect for diverse edge locations. With Wiwynn optimized solutions, you can realize 5G and create more possibilities, which people could never imagine before.


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