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High Performance/Scalability Compute Accelerator with Latest PCIe Gen4 Technology

The fast development of AI deep learning and HPC applications increases demands for high performance and high scalability computing solutions to accelerate model training and data processing. To address the fast-growing market, Wiwynn unveiled the industry’s first PCIe Gen 4 enabled 4U disaggregated compute accelerator—XC200G2 at OCP US Summit 2018.

XC200G2 is a 19” 4U JBOG (Just a bunch of GPUs) supporting up to sixteen PCIe x16 accelerator cards, including GPUs, ASICs, and FPGA cards. Data centers can choose among various solutions to accelerate and optimize their workloads.

With Broadcom’s industry first PCIe Gen4 switch, the bandwidth is double the traditional PCIe Gen3 to provide high performance computing capability. XC200G2’s breakthrough air cooling and mechanical designs, on the other hand, sets the best performance free from thermal barriers.

In this whitepaper, we will detail the innovative designs and the performance test to help potential adopters understand how XC200G2 can assist data centers to optimize their workloads with remarkable performance, scalability and quality.

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