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Are You Ready for Software Defined Data Center?

Wiwynn announced the availability of the technology whitepaper on Wiwynn® Cluster Manager with the latest Intel® Rack Scale Design (RSD) 2.1. This paper will discuss how the integrated solution complements virtualization technologies for advanced software defined data center (SDDC) and how Wiwynn’s innovation makes the architecture more complete.

Wiwynn® Cluster Manager is a system software that makes data center easier to manage with features such as resource planning, massive firmware and OS deployment, real-time rack level visual monitoring. Intel® RSD is a logical architecture that disaggregates hardware from preconfigured servers and deploys them in sharable resource pools. Wiwynn is one of the first OEMs in the industry to deliver Intel® RSD version 2.1 with high performance NVMe pooling. With the integrated solution and compliant IT equipment, data center operators can enjoy real-time resource management, agile node composition for required workloads, and optimized hardware utilization

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