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Software and Services

Optimized hardware design and reliable operations systems

Designed for Workload Optimization

Wiwynn has built up a range of add-ons to help customers tune their servers to their exact needs. Whether additional networking capabilities and redundancies, or a high-speed connection to large storage are required, Wiwynn has the cards to make that possible.


Flexible Customization

What we aim to achieve is far beyond simply providing only products. Customized rack designs can be implemented to optimize power and network cable routing and further tailor the solution to your actual datacenter environment.
From the beginning, we strive to understand a customer’s specific needs and the type of specific applications they run. Then we provide advice, solutions and proposals focusing on the needs of the customer’s real-world operation. Our proposals cover everything from a full deployment simulation through to transportation and logistics planning.

One-stop Service for Time-to-Live and Best TCO

Wiwynn provides complete thermal testing, power-draw efficiency testing, burn-in, quality and logistics support at the rack level. Full racks are tested as an integrated unit ensuring inter-operability at deployment.

With all these services put together, we’re fully confident that Wiwynn can provide TCO- and workload-optimized IT solutions to all our data center customers.

How End-to-End Service Flow Works

Wiwynn’s end-to-end Rack Integration Service goes through four phases to ensure that we deliver fully-tested, ready-to-go-live populated racks to our customers.

Exploring is all about finding out what our customers are looking for and finding new and innovative ways of meeting those needs. At the same time, we need to balance wishes and reality, so we have to always be aware of what we are capable of doing.

Once we have been accepted as qualified by data center operators, we are always on the watch for ways to enhance solution capabilities, which is able to optimize CAPEX and OPEX. We are constantly exploring market trends and exploring customer needs to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

We work to deliver a Proposal within a reasonable time of receiving RFPs. Our team works with the customer to clarify and explore the requirements before we propose a solution based on customer data center infrastructure, power distribution, networking topologies, bandwidth requirements, and redundancy requirements.

This may involve proposing systems for proof-of-concept testing at the customer’s site, especially focusing on performance. One the customer has accepted the proposal, we will proceed to the Production phase.

Wiwynn has production bases and a manufacturing network that stretches from Asia to North America and Europe. This manufacturing network enables us to meet customer deadlines no matter where they are. We have established a systematic procedure in terms of the overall planning and execution of rack integration to ensure our material, production capacity, quality, and fulfillment all exceed customer expectations.

Delivery and Deployment are the last and most important steps before our machines can be commissioned into a customer’s data center. Delivery quality has become one of the major factors that determines whether systems can be placed online on schedule and operate flawlessly.

Traditionally, the rack and components are shipped separately and then integrated onsite. Wiwynn has started in-region full rack integration and shipment to provide more efficient and less time-consuming full-rack delivery.