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Innovative storage solutions with high capacity, flexibility and scalability


Diversified Configuration Provides High Density Storage

Wiwynn SV7000G4/ST7000G4 series is the highest density and the most flexible storage system providing various configuration options that include storage servers and storage JBODs designed modularly in a 4OU chassis. Integrated with two micro servers, the SV7000G4/ST7000G4 supports 72 x 3.5” hard disk drives where the micro servers each control 36 x 3.5” drives. The one micro server configuration, SV7000G4-L, manages all 72 x 3.5” hard drives. Moreover, adding the JBOD configuration, ST7000G4 scales out storage capability and density even further.


Power Efficiency and High Bandwidth

Wiwynn SV7000G4/ST7000G4 series utilize 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors (Codename Cooper Lake) that respectively supports Platinum SKU with low power consumption and high core count of 88 Wattage and 26 cores. Regarding storage technology, SV7000G4/ST7000G4 series uses SAS-4 24Gbps IOCs and expanders, upgraded from the previous generation (SAS-3 12Gbps). The doubled bandwidth offers higher performance and is perfect for warm storage, cold storage and big data applications.

Tool-less Design for Easy Maintenance

SV7000G4/ST7000G4 Series is quick and simple to service thanks to a tool-less design. All drives in the system are contained with latches. For example, releasing and pulling the latch allows users to effortlessly withdraw the drive out of the system. The sophisticated cable track design allows the HDDs to be hot-pluggable and keeps uninterruptible operation.


High Availability for Non-Stop Services

For system availability, the SV7000G4/ST7000G4 series is designed with redundant cooling and high availability. It supports 2 isolated cooling zones. Every zone supports 2 fan modules with 1+1 redundancy and hot-pluggable features. With the high availability, the system allows data centers to provide non-stop services for their users.


Tech Spec


Storage and I/O SV7000G4 SV7000G4-L ST7000G4
Expander 2 x SAS24G expander
Storage 72 3.5” hot-plug drive bay
Micro Server 2 1  
Processor 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors
(Codename: Cooper Lake), TDP 88W
Memory DDR4 x 8 (4 per Server), up to 3200MT/s DDR4 x 4, up to 3200MT/s  
Boot Drive 2 x M.2 (1 per Server) 1 x M.2  
Cache SSD E1.S 9.5mm x 4 N/A  
IO Controller (IOC) 2 x SAS24G 2 x SAS24G  
OCP 3.0 2 1  
Expansion Ports N/A Two mini-SAS HD ports
Remote Management SSH CLI utilities SES, SMP
Power Supply and Physical Specifications
Power Supply Centralized 12.5 V DC bus bar
Form Factor and Dimensions 4 OU;
189.5 (H) x 537(W) x 879 (D) mm (without Front Handlers)
189.5 (H) x 537(W) x 941 (D) mm (with Front Handlers)
Support List CentOS 8



Category File Title Release Date Actions
Datasheet SV7000G4/ST7000G4 Datasheet 2022/03/24 Download