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The leading All-Flash NVMe Storage in the industry, featuring up to 30 NVMe SSDs





Ultra-high IOPS and Microsecond Grade Latency

Comparing other storage with SAS and SATA SSD, Wiwynn ST7200 delivers ultra-high performance with I/O throughput of 26.6 GB/s, IOPs of 5,984K (4KB random write) and excellent price performance (7,958 IOPS/Watt).

High Density Storage System with 30 SSDs

With an impressive storage capacity of 30 NVMe SSDs in a 2U chassis, Wiwynn ST7200 stands out from other JBOF storage systems as having the densest storage capacity in the industry.

Flexible Choice of Various SSDs Form Factors

Wiwynn ST7200 adopts PCIe 3.0 U.2 SSD, giving datacenter the best flexible configurations with 30 pieces of 2.5” (7mm SSDs).


Tool-less and Modularized Design for Easy Upgrade and Maintenance

Wiwynn ST7200 drawer-like innovative design allows users to upgrade, maintain SSDs, fans and expander board instantly without tools. Wiwynn modularized design offers painless upgrade of PCIe expander board to new generation.


Tech Spec

Expander PCIe 3.0 Switch
Storage 30 U.2 NVMe SSDs ● 15mm or 7mm
IO Ports Up to 4 PCIe 3.0 (x16) ports
Remote Management BMC
Power Supply Centralized OCP Power Shelf
Dimensions 2 OU (Open Rack); 93.5(H) x 536 (W) x 795 (D)
Weight 38 kg ~ 55 kg


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Datasheet ST7200 Datasheet 2018/09/26 Download