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Recap of Wiwynn Techday 2023: Empower AI with Wiwynn

Recap of Wiwynn Techday 2023: Empower AI with Wiwynn

The highly anticipated Wiwynn Techday 2023, brought together esteemed guests, partners, investors, and media friends under one roof. Held from May 31 to June 2, 2023, at the Wiwynn Showcase room, the event showcased Wiwynn's latest technologies and ignited conversations that will help shape the future together.

Here, we wanted to share this recap to provide you with an insider's perspective.

Data Center AI

One of the highlights of our exhibition was the display of our cutting-edge AI solutions featuring training and inference AI servers.


Wiwynn AI training/inference servers play a crucial role in producing applications by providing the necessary computing power and infrastructure to handle the complex computational requirements. Hence, we provided a range of AI products to cater to future AI applications.


OCP Training Server

with 8 Habana Gaudi2
  • Aggregated AI Training System with 2S Server Processors
  • Fully Connected OAM Architecture on UBB
  • 6 x QSFP-DDs 400GbE Ports with RDMA for System Scale-out
  • Drawer and Front I/O design for Easy Installation and Maintenance

AI Inference

Acceleration Server
  • All-in-One Design with Flexible Compute, Storage for Deep Learning Acceleration
  • Power Efficient Design of 3 Compute Nodes in an OCP 4OU Chassis
  • High-dense AI Accelerators with 12 x Dual M.2 or 24 x M.2 Form Factor
  • Large Storage with 24 x M.2 as well as 4 x EDSFF E1.S SSDs


Another notable feature was our range of cooling solutions, which included air cooling, liquid cooling and immersion cooling.


We offer different liquid solutions with corresponding products, enabling us to provide comprehensive cooling solutions for a wide range of products, from servers to racks. Additionally, Wiwynn offers a cooling management solution that allows precise control and monitoring of the rack cooling system.


OAI Server with 2-PIC Tank

Two-Phase Immersion Cooling for High Power Processors
  • 6KW Heat Rejection with 3KW Demonstrated
  • Integrated Dry Cooler for Seamless Heat Rejection
  • 19/21-inch Compatible, 1000mm deep
  • 4-RU/4-OU Compatible
  • Smart Controls and Real-Time Monitoring

OAI Liquid Cooling Solution

Designed with Cold Plate Solution
  • Collaborated with OCP OAI Cooling Workstream
  • 3OU Liquid Cooling System for 8 Future 1kW OAMs
  • 4 (in parallel) by 2 (in series) Cold Plate Loop with Balanced Flow Distribution
  • Compatible with ORV3 Blind-mate Interfaces
  • Chassis Manifold Supporting for Vibration Elimination

ORv3 Liquid Cooling Solution

Designed with Air Assisted Liquid Cooling
  • Cooling Capability: 30kW
  • Heat Rejection: Heat Exchanger with Fan Wall
  • Fan Wall: 10PSC 200mm Fans with N+1 Redundancy
  • Power Delivery: 277V~480V 3-Phase AC Input and 48VDC Output for IT Gears by Bus Bar
  • Safety: Coolant Leakage Detection and Protection

Edge AI


Edge inference related products were also among the highlights of our exhibition this time, capturing significant attention and generating considerable interest. Leveraging own proficiency in server design and manufacturing, Wiwynn actively working with eco-system partners to create synergies of combining expertise from hardware, software, and solution integration.


As mentioned earlier and shown on the slide, most of Wiwynn edge series products have been field-proven in numerous vertical use cases.



The Best openEDGE Server
  • 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors
  • 3U Short-Depth Chassis and Front Service for Edge Computing Environment
  • Flexible Sled Design for Various Sled Options
  • Pooled Power Supply for Energy Efficiency
  • OpenRMC Based System Management


The Best Edge Server
  • 2U Short Chassis and Easy Maintenance for Edge Environment
  • Open Platform, High Speed, and Support Dual OCP NIC 3.0
  • Flexible Configuration for Computing, Storage including AI Inference and NFVi
  • Easy Installation on Telcom Cabinets or Racks in Data Center
Outdoor_Edge _500x300

Outdoor Edge Server

Flexible IP65 Platform
  • 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors (Up to 225w)
  • Support GPI/FPGA accelerator cards
  • One OCP 3.0 NIC slot support 400Gb/s Ethernet
  • GR-3108-CORE compliant for outdoor telecom
  • Pole-mountable Kit

Last but not least, we wanted to share with you Wiwynn’s commitment to environment sustainability. 2023 is an important year, and we have established a series of carbon reduction activities/programs to achieve net zero carbon emissions goal by 2040.



Exciting Moments of Wiwynn Techday



Stay connected with us to explore the latest advancements in AI, cooling solutions, and edge inference products. Visit our website to learn more about our innovative technologies and how they can benefit your organization.


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