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Embrace AI with Diversity and Sustainability

Wiwynn at OCP Global Summit 2023, Oct 17–19


Join us on a journey of Knowledge and Innovation

Welcome to Wiwynn at OCP Global Summit 2023! We're excited about this year's theme, "Embrace AI with Diversity & Sustainability." As technology evolves rapidly, it's vital to use AI while championing diversity and sustainability. At this event, we'll explore how AI, diversity, and sustainability shape our future. Join us on a journey of knowledge, innovation, and meaningful dialogue as we navigate the boundless possibilities.


Discover Our Latest Solutions

AI Training Solutions

In a world where data is abundant and insights are invaluable, our offerings stand as a testament to the boundless potential that AI holds. We proudly present a comprehensive suite of AI training and inference solutions that embody cutting-edge advancements, designed to elevate businesses into the realm of intelligent automation.


AI Training Solution with 8 Nvidia OAM Processors

High Scalability Meets Any AI demand
  • Integrated 2S Intel® Xeon® Processors
  • Highest OAM Interconnections with Fully Connected UBB
  • 6 x 400GbE QSFP-DD Ports Provides 2,400GbE Interface for RDMA-enabled Scale out
  • Drawer and Front I/O Design for Easy Installation and Maintenance

AI Training Solution with 8 Habana OAM Processors

OCP Based OAI/OAM AI Server
  • Integrated 2S Intel® Xeon® Processors
  • Fully Connected NVLink™ Through NVIDIA HGX Baseboard Maximize AI performance
  • Efficient Scaling Out via RDMA-enabled Network with 8x 400Gb QSFP-DD Ports
  • Drawer and Front I/O Design for Easy Installation and Maintenance

Advanced Cooling Solutions

Built upon a foundation of cutting-edge engineering and meticulous design, our cooling solution harnesses the power of state-of-the-art materials and intelligent thermal management systems. Featuring Wiwynn ORv3 Liquid Cooling Solutions and Advanced Cooling Management, our solutions ensure optimal operating conditions and enhance energy efficiency.


Wiwynn ORV3 Liquid Cooling Solution: Aqualoop

Open Rack v3 Liquid Cooling Solution
  • Blind-Mate Liquid Cooling Interface
  • Compatible with Liquid to Air (door heat exchanger), Liquid to Liquid (CDU), and Hybrid
  • Real-Time Monitoring, Cooling Energy Optimization, Rapid Leak Detection, and Protection by Wiwynn DC-SCM Based Advanced Cooling Management System

Wiwynn Advanced Cooling Management Solution: UMS100

Advanced Cooling Management System with DC-SCM
  • Modular Design for Various Cooling Solutions
  • Compatible with CRPS and 12V/48V DC Bus Bar
  • OCP DC-SCM with 1+1 Redundancy
  • Real-Time Monitoring, Cooling Energy Optimization, Rapid Leak Detection, and Protection
  • Redfish Interface and Friendly User Interface

AI Inference Solutions (Cloud & Edge)

Whether it is to optimize industrial processes, elevate customer experiences, or redefine healthcare solutions, our comprehensive range of Cloud & Edge AI offerings are expertly tailored to precisely address and fulfill your unique requirements.


Wiwynn® Yosemite Series

The 4U Server with Rich Configurations for Scalable Cloud Service
  • 4U Server for Scalable Services Inherited from OCP Yosemite
  • Multi-Type Sled Design Providing Flexibility
  • OCP Open Rack V3 Compliant Design
  • Power Efficient Scalable 4U Platform for Flexible Compute and Storage
  • Multi-host OCP 3.0 Shared NIC for Unified System Management

ES200G2 OpenEdge Server with NVIDIA L40S Processor

Flexible Edge Platform for 5G ORAN and AI Inference
  • Intel® 5th Generation Xeon® Scalable Processors
  • NVIDIA L40S GPU supported
  • NGC-Ready and NVQual-Certified
  • Rich PCIe slots design to support flexible network adapters and accelerators
  • Designed for extreme environments, NEBS Level 3 compliant


6+ sessions that will dive deep into trending topics – from generative AI to advanced cooling and hardware management.
> See the full schedule at OCP website

Topic Tracks Speakers Watch on-demand
Tuesday, Oct 17

2:00pm – 2:25pm

Shaping the AI Landscape: Pioneering AI, Cooling Innovations and Influence

The Cambrian Age's rapid diversification parallels AI's profound impact on society. Wiwynn demonstrates commitment to shaping the AI landscape through diverse products and collaborations, showcasing relentless innovation and a cooling revolution for the AI-driven future.

Executive Track
Raghavan Venugapol
Executive Director
Lentis Pai

4:25pm – 4:40pm

Unleashing the Power of AI and Advanced Cooling: Transforming Modularity, Diversity, and Efficiency

Wiwynn leads in the AI-driven transformation, offering modular AI products for diverse applications. Our innovative cooling technology supports sustainability, reducing energy consumption and enhancing AI system efficiency. Explore our AI product diversity and the crucial role of Advanced Cooling for a sustainable future with us.

Expo Hall Talk
Thomas Kao
Wednesday, Oct 18

1:50pm – 2:10pm

OCP ORv3 Blind Mate Liquid Cooling Component Update

This presentation offers comprehensive updates on liquid cooling components in development, including builds and testing. It will also cover design and test advancements for blind mate valves, manifolds, and IT gear, addressing challenges through design enhancements.

Cooling Environments
Nick Goenner
Mechanical Engineer
Specialty Manufacturing
Chris SC Lee
Assistant Technical Manager

4:10pm – 4:30pm

Pioneering OSF Enhancement for Debugging and Usability with Intel Xeon Platform

In this presentation, we discuss our contributions to upstream coreboot for Intel Sapphire Rapids and improvements in Cloud Firmware, tested on Intel Birch Stream. While initially designed for Intel FSP, our enhancements have broader applicability to X86 and ARM platforms, benefiting the community.

Open System Firmware (OSF)
Johnny Lin
Technical Manager

4:30pm – 5:00pm

DC-SCM Based Advanced Cooling Manager: Rapid leakage protection and cooling management in rack and tank level liquid cooling systems

With increasing chip performance, cooling methods have evolved to encompass liquid and immersion cooling, from L10 to rack-level solutions. This investigation focuses on enhancing efficiency, failure management, and reliability in rack-level cooling, utilizing DC-SCM and BMC.

Hardware Management with DC-SCM
Tom Tu
Technical Supervisor
Ash Liao
Thursday, Oct 19

12:30pm – 12:50pm

Two phase immersion cooling study for OCP Accelerator Module (OAM)

This presentation discusses 2-phase immersion cooling's potential to boost data center IT performance. We evaluate its feasibility for cooling OCP Accelerator Modules at 1000W each, covering design, testing, and environmentally friendly liquid supply.

Cooling Environments
Jiu Xu
Thermal Engineer
Jaylen Cheng
Assistant Technical Manager


Event Venue:
Booth B3,
San Jose Convention Center
150 W San Carlos Street
San Jose, CA 95113

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