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Department Functions
Corporate Audit Develop and execute the annual audit plan to assist management to assess risk and corresponding management. Ensure the effectiveness of internal control system design and implementation to assist the Audit committee overseeing internal control execution and corporate governance to achieve organizational goals.
Enterprise Development Responsible for the company's overall strategic planning, growth direction, and long-term development.
Legal Review the Company’s transaction contracts and legal documents to provide legal opinions and negotiation support. Manage the Company’s dispute resolution procedures. Manage the application, protection and license matters of the Company’s intellectual property. Provide legal advices for the laws and regulations change and compliance issue. Plan and implement legal training to all employees.
Corporate Communications Plan and execute marketing events. Production of video and publicity materials for products and PR purposes. Manage company brand and maintain external image, including website, social media, community, media exposure and third party organization relationship. News gathering and marketing data analysis.
Sustainable Development Office Drive ESG, corporate sustainability development performance.
Information Security Office Define cyber security strategy and policies. Enforce cyber security management measures. Drive enhancement of systems, processes, procedures and training on Information and Cyber Security matters.
Supply Chain Management Develop supply chain strategy, support business operations needs in the areas of procurement, customer fulfillment, supply planning, logistic management, and after services. Ensure the smooth operation of the supply chain and maximize efficiency.
Manufacturing Management Develop and integrate manufacturing technology and core competence to reach the highest level of quality and manufacture excellence. Build manufacturing capacity and resource to support business demand with geographical strategy.
Pioneering Excellence Center Pioneer new technologies and business under the guidance of Wiwynn Corporate missions. Pursue effective and efficient operations across Wiwynn business operations.
Line of Business I
Line of Business II
Line of Business III
Line of Business V
Provide data centers best-in-class cloud-to-edge products, and manage business optimizations for customers.
Engineering Technology Execute Engineering operations to ensure time to market & best product design quality with innovative technologies.
Engineering Quality Plan and execute innovation technologies to validate design quality in component and system level. Derive and execute quality analysis/improvement plan. Provide after-sales engineering services.
Information & Digital Technology Develop digitalization strategy and enable digital optimization initiatives. Adopt, implement, and enhance enterprise applications. Manage infrastructure operations.
Finance Manage finance, accounting, tax, budgeting, treasury.
Human Resources & Admin As a strategic partner for business operations, continuously optimize human capital management systems and processes. Strategize and execute activities related to talent acquisition, training and development, performance management, separation, employee relations, total rewards, general affairs and EHS. Actively drive the integration of company core values and ensure compliance throughout the organization.