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A Whole New Data Center Possibility

See the Latest Wiwynn Server Fleet with 3rd Gen AMD EPYC™ Processors


Outstanding Performance
Delivered by Single Socket Servers

Servers with single-socket processor architecture is no longer restricted to entry-level applications. With consistent vanity-free design and the latest architecture innovation, Wiwynn and AMD collaborated to set a disruptive, revolutionary cloud server standard in performance per watt.


Workload and Availability

The vanity-free and modularized hardware design provides highly-optimized performance and increases its availability – targeting the core competence in optimized workload for cloud service providers.


Computing Performance

Not only does a single socket server provide matching high CPU cores and high frequency memory volume of a dual socket server, it saves mainboard space significantly to improve thermal circulation and heat dissipation.


Total Cost of Ownership

The advanced 7nm+ processor ensures compute performance and power efficiency. Moreover, it allows for concise design, reducing noteworthy number of components and their cost of waste.

Wiwynn Offering

Wiwynn provides two servers with new AMD EPYC™ 7003 Series Processors. The SV302A – 1U2N server – for cloud servers requiring high-density and compute-intensive applications. The SV305 – 1U1N server – for web services from a power-to-performance balanced combination.



Powering the Most Impactful Cloud Computing
The AMD-Based High Density 1U2Node Server
  • Brilliant Combination of Compute Density and Power Efficiency
  • Universal Enclosure with Modularized Configurations for Various Workloads
  • Enhanced Performance and Inference Acceleration for Computing Intensive Applications
  • Front Access I/O and Storage to Simplify Serviceability


Powering the Most Impactful Web Services
The AMD-Based High Density 1U2Node Server
  • Single-Socket and Workload Optimization Enabling TCO Advantages
  • Enhanced Performance and Inference Acceleration for Cloud Computing
  • Robust and Redundancy Design Enabling High Availability for CSPs
  • Easy Manageability and Upgradeable Network and Storage