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2019 Wiwynn TechDay Japan Recap

If you missed Wiwynn’s TechDay that held on August 23, 2019 in Tokyo, Japan and the topic of Edge computing technology that realizes 5G services and AI utilization, here are a quick recap and the presentation slides for you to dive in and learn something from it.




Opening – Road to 5G & AI with Edge

Jerry Huang, Wiwynn Japan Business Representative

At the welcome speech, Mr. Huang presented why choose Wiwynn, Wiwynn’s business development process, Wiwynn can do more than customer expected since 2018, all series products Wiwynn provides, and the latest technology for the data center industry.

Check out presentation for further information.


Intel – Edge Innovation and Business Models – Shift in Thinking

Mamoru Tomozane, Japan Commutation Service Provider Segment Director
Yoshiaki Kono, Industry Technical Specialist

Mr. Tomozane and Kono started with an introduction about what is Edge, where is the Edge, industry trend, multiple drivers for Edge computing, how Edge will be deployed across multiple industries, and how Intel can help in Edge computing.

Check out presentation for further information.


Wiwynn – Extending from DC to 5G and Edge

Ted Pang, Senior Director, Wiwynn
Gregary Liu, Product Planning Director, Wiwynn

In this talk, Mr. Pang and Liu depicted the contents below:

  1. 5G global trends and numbers
  2. Wiwynn’s approach to providing services to the communications industry
  3. Planning for the 5G ecosystem
  4. Introduction of edge platform products
  5. Benefits for RAN and MEC
  6. Future development plans

Check out presentation for further information.


NVIDIA – Introducing the NVIDIA GPU Platform in Edge Computing

Kazuhiro Yamasaki, Deep Learning Solution Architect Nvidia

In this section, Mr. Yamasaki mentioned that NVIDIA has the necessary elements for edge computing and various tools are provided especially for inference processing using AI (deep learning) to make it easier to achieve performance.

Check out presentation for further information.


Wiwynn – Computing Solution Gears for AI

Gregary Liu, Product Planning Director, Wiwynn
  1. AI Impacts and Use Cases Across Industries
  2. Training & Inference Requirements
  3. SV500G3 (4U 8GPU Training Server)
    • Features, Design Spec
    • Training Benchmark by MLPerf
  4. SV302G3 T (1U 4PCIe Inference Server)
    • Features, Design Spec

Check out presentation for further information.


CTC – Platform Introduction / Case Studies

Toshiharu Koizumi, Deputy General Manager

Mr. Koizumi had a brief introduction of the current status of AI business. Then he introduced some case studies about how CTC integrated AI platform were used.

Check out presentation for further information.


During the Teatime and break, we also showcased our latest products.

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