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Diverse and Inclusive Society

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Special: Global Job Leveling


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Creating Global Consistent Job Grade and Career Structure to Provide Employees Opportunity of Diverse Developmenty

Wiwynn acts actively in expansion in the past few years, and we have customers all over the world. The rapid pace of development urges us to face the current organizational levels and structures are not sufficient. To make sure we keep our pace with the global markets and speed up our link internationally, we re-establish a global job leveling structure that is able to connect to the famous manufacturers in the world. It also makes Wiwynn’s cross-regional and cross-border organization and talents management more efficient.

Therefore, Wiwynn started to plan the global job leveling structure that is exclusively to us in December 2019. It is applicable to talents in every part of the world. Besides, the establishment of common language of roles and duties benefits talent rotation, promotion, and development in order to empower our employees. To make sure the structure objectively describes job duties at each level as the reference for employees’ future promotion and development, we have to revise internal career routes for professional duties and management duties at the same time. Under the structure, we are able to establish a rewarding system that is based on duties and contribution and with market competitiveness.

After the discussion in more than 60 meetings, we clarify the development strategies for Wiwynn’s operation, rganization, and talent. During the process, we found out the expectation of senior managers on the employee career development through interviews. Based that, we revised the hierarchical structure exclusively to Wiwynn. After confirming the structure, the events of internal promotion launched in April 2021. We hosted nearly 10 sessions of internal employee communication presentation to ensure each employee understand the meanings of job grade and career level redefined. It also provides a more specific goal of the route for future career development discussed between managers and employees. Moreover, to ensure the structure of global job grade and career level absorbed by employees, we produced a promotional video in Chinese and in English to help employees understand the Company’s ambition on establishing the global consistent structure through the video.

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Recognizing diverse talents and provide opportunities to link with the workplace

Wiwynn launched the first internship project in 2019. Through the communication and establishment of our internal team, intern students participating in the project are impressed by Wiwynn. In 2020, our reputation started to spread out among campus. We received a lot of inquiry on the Campus Recruitment Expo. Along with the project progressed to 2021, our team continued revising the implementation method for each opportunity flexibly. Based on the situation of not being affected by the epidemic, our internal team worked hard to promote the opportunities for diverse talents linking to the workplace.

The internship project continues expanding inside Wiwynn. Managers at different departments witness the effectiveness of the project and join the internship project in 2021, including R&D, Sales & Account Management, Quality Engineering, Legal, and Human Resources. However, we also understand the severity of the epidemic. We implemented online enrolment for intern students for the first time. We carried out direct instruction through online remote educational training and provided all the students care and attention offline. Through returning to the workplace, we provided diverse and interesting interaction and meeting for the students to know or get familiar with their managers or mentors better without growing apart due to the epidemic.

We carry the concept that intern students shall be able to explore the opportunities for their future career development during the internship, learn the precious experience at workplace, and accumulate life development experience. With the leadership of dedicated mentors, they are able to get familiar with the operating mode in the department and learn professional knowledge in depth. During the internship, we also provide students a stage to show themselves and actually participate in the internal project to absorb practical experience so that they can present themselves bravely and confidently at the stage as well as enjoy the proud moment the same as full-time employees.

Thoughts and feedback received from internship projects:

  • All the tasks I encountered during the internship were solid, and they are helpful for my future career!
  • In response to the ever-changing technology, the automatic testing of software or BMC can be the future trend and the direction for my future career.
  • If I can strengthen the interaction with people, understand the types of different engineers in the company, and their duties, it will be very helpful for my future decision making.
  • The Docker skills I learnt from the internship project are very useful. I am going to use them on the source code for the research in my dissertation to maintain the wide deployment of source code package.
  • With the actual industrial experience related to servers, especially the work content of AM, I have a better idea of the direction for my future career.
  • The problem solving and analytical process during the internship allow me to use them in my future research. I am able to remember the knowledge learnt deeply, and it is helpful for circuit analysis. If I need to use experimental tools for my study at the graduate school or at work in the future, I will be more proficient than other people. I also understand the measurement and verification related to the issues.