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Wiwynn Statement on CPU Hardware Vulnerable to Side-channel Attacks (updated on 3/1)


(update Mar. 1) Wiwynn have received updated microcode for Skylake, Broadwell and Haswell servers from Intel. We will release new BIOS for SV7220G3, SV300G3, SV7221G2, SV300G2, SV7220G2 and SV7110 with the schedule below and will keep you posted once new updates are available.

For further support, please contact Techsupport@wiwynn.com

Server Model Name CPU Family BIOS Release Schedule
SV7220G3 Skylake Server SP BIOS_D09.2
SV300G3 Skylake Server SP BMC_2.20
SV7221G2 Broadwell Server EP BMC_BMC9.30
SV300G2 Broadwell Server EP early April
SV7220G2 Haswell Server EP mid April


(Jan. 5) Wiwynn has been notified about an industry-wide potential security issue, a new side-channel analysis method referred to as Meltdown and Spectre. Both of them take advantage of the ability to extract information from instructions that have executed on a CPU using the CPU cache as a Side-channel. The issues are organized into three variants:  

The security vulnerabilities affected Wiwynn’s Intel-based servers. Mitigation and resolution may call for both an operating system and a firmware update. Wiwynn have been working closely with Intel for the appropriate mitigations and had made BIOS with update microcode available for SV300G3 and SV7200G3. More updates will continue to roll out over the next few weeks. Customers can contact Techsupport@wiwynn.com for updated firmware, schedule and further supports.

In the meantime, we highly recommend customers also consult with operating system vendors for OS upgrade and allocate resources for required validation.  


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