Open System Firmware Development on OCP Platform

The OCP Open System Firmware (OSF) project is aiming to allow the system firmware (also known as BIOS) to be modified and shared by the owners OCP Open System Firmware Project. From March 2021, supporting OSF is mandatory for servers with OCP badging. Some ecosystem partners have decided to implement Coreboot and LinuxBoot as their open system firmware architecture.

In this whitepaper, we are focused on IPMI implementation integrated with Coreboot/LinuxBoot. OCP Bryce Canyon is the one used in this presentation. At the time of writing, we are moving our works to OCP Tioga Pass (Skylake-SP).

The whitepaper begins with a brief introduction of OCP Open System Firmware (OSF) project using Coreboot/LinuxBoot, followed by implementation gaps against UEFI BIOS. IPMI is a key function in data center and the integration implementation is of great importance to the success of OSF. We concluded with a practice for the current challenges and a plan for the future.

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Whitepaper Download - Open System Firmware Development on OCP Platform

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