Wiwynn Statement on Intel Platform Update

On November 12, 2019, Intel released several security advisories and functional updates as part of the 2019.2 Intel Platform Update (IPU).  Wiwynn’s servers based on Intel Xeon® Processor Scalable Family, D Family and E5 v4 Family (Broadwell EP) are related. Details and further references are as below.

Wiwynn has been working with Intel to deliver updating system firmware in the near future. Customers can contact techsupport@wiwynn.com  for further supports.

  1. Microcode update
Impacted processorsCascadelak SP, Skylake SP, Skylake-D, Broadwell EP,
Impacted productsSV300G3SV302G3SV7220G3

SV7000G2, SV300G2, SV320G2, SV7221G2

  1. Security & functional update
Related Intel Security Advisory
INTEL-SA-00241Intel® CSME, Intel® SPS, Intel® TXE, Intel® AMT, Intel® PTT, and Intel® DAL Advisory
INTEL-SA-00220Intel® SGX and TXT Advisory
INTEL-SA-00240Intel® CPU Security Advisory
INTEL-SA-00280IPU UEFI Advisory
INTEL-SA-00293Intel® SGX Advisory
INTEL-SA-00270TSX Transaction Asynchronous Abort Advisory
INTEL-SA-00164Intel® TXT Advisory
INTEL-SA-00254Intel® SMM Advisory
INTEL-SA-00271Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors Voltage Setting Modulation Advisory
INTEL-SA-00210Intel® Processor Machine Check Error on Page Size Change Vulnerability Advisory
INTEL-SA-00274Intel® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory Software Advisory
Impacted processorsCascadelak SP, Skylake SP
Impacted productsSV300G3SV302G3SV7220G3