Wiwynn Reports Fourth Quarter 2021 Unaudited Financial Results

Today (January 18), Wiwynn Corporation announced unaudited consolidated revenue of NT$56.879 billion, operating profit of NT$3.420 billion, profit before tax (PBT) of NT$3.310 billion, profit after tax (PAT) NT$2.614 billion, and basic earnings per share (EPS) of NT$14.95 for the fourth quarter ended December 31, 2021. We achieved record high unaudited consolidated revenue, increased by 8.3% year-over-year. Gross margin was 8.0%, operating margin was 6.0%, and PAT margin was 4.6%.

In fiscal year 2021, unaudited consolidated revenue achieved record high of NT$192.626 billion, increased by 3.0% year-over-year. Due to inflation and New Taiwanese Dollar appreciation, year-over-year, gross margin, operating margin, and PAT margin all decreased by 0.1ppt to 8.1%, 5.9%, and 4.5% respectively. EPS achieved record high of NT$49.46.

Looking forward to 2022, due to work from home, distance learning and other AI applications, the demand of data center industry is growing continuously. However, the supply chain risk still exists, the Company is committed to stability and flexibility of operations through cooperation with customers and supply chain partners, and continuously expand our global locations in the next two to three years to achieve five to six times capacity.