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Shareholders’ Meeting

DateNotice of MeetingMeeting HandbookAnnual ReportMeeting MinuteResolutions of Voting by PollTop 10 Shareholders List
2021 Shareholder’s Meeting2021/07/08
2020 Shareholder’s Meeting2020/06/15
2019 Shareholder’s Meeting2019/06/25
2018 Shareholder’s Meeting2018/06/22
2018 First Extraordinary Shareholder’s Meeting2018/01/17

Dividend History

Wiwynn adopts a prudent dividend policy, in consideration of the Company’s expansion and for its continual and steady

Dividend YearDate of the Shareholders’ MeetingCash Dividends
per share
Stock Dividends
per share
Ex-Dividend DateRecord DatePayment Date
20162017/06/200.998224561.49733682017/07/082017/08/04 (Cash)
2017/08/18 (Stock)

Investor Conference

The institutional investor conference provides a two-way communication channel between the Company’s management team and investors. It enables the investors to more effectively evaluate the true value of the enterprise, achieve protection of shareholders’ rights and interests, enhance corporate transparency, promote long-term sustainable development, and implement corporate governance.

2022May 3Teleconference   
2021Nov 10Teleconference   
2021Jul 14Teleconference   
2020Aug 26Teleconference   
2020Aug 11Teleconference   
2020Aug 10Teleconference   
2020May 14Teleconference   
2020May 13Teleconference   
2020May 12Teleconference   
2020Apr 01Teleconference   
2020Mar 31Teleconference   
2020Mar 26Teleconference   
2020Mar 25Teleconference   
2020Mar 23Teleconference   
2020Feb 25Teleconference   
2019Jun 19Taipei   
2019May 14Taipei   
2019Mar 21Taipei   
2019Mar 18 pmTaipei   
2019Mar 18 amTaipei   
2019Feb 21Taipei   
2019Jan 16-18Singapore, Hong Kong
2018Dec 25Taipei
2018Jun 13Taipei


When was Wiwynn established?2020-08-13T13:58:24+08:00

Wiwynn was established on March 3, 2012.

When did Wiwynn become a listed company? What is the Wiwynn stock codes?2020-08-13T13:59:18+08:00

Wiwynn became a listed company on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) on March 27, 2019, under TWSE code “6669”.

When does Wiwynn announce its financial results each quarter?2021-03-19T10:19:40+08:00

According to the related regulations:
【Monthly Revenue】Monthly sales revenue shall be announced prior to the 10th day of the following month.
【Quarterly Results】First quarter, second quarter, and third quarter financial results shall be announced announce prior to May 15, August 14 and November 14 of each fiscal year respectively. Annual financial results shall be announced prior to March 31 of the following fiscal year.

Where can I obtain Wiwynn’s historical and current financial reports?2020-08-13T14:26:57+08:00

Please refer to Financials on Financials page.

What is the number of Wiwynn’s shares outstanding?2020-08-13T14:28:03+08:00

Please refer to the number of shares outstanding registered on MOPS (Market Observation Post System).

What is Wiwynn’s historical dividend pay out?2020-08-13T14:29:38+08:00

Please refer to Dividend History on the Shareholders Services page.

Whom can I contact for Wiwynn’s common shareholder services?2020-08-13T14:30:49+08:00

Stock Transfer Agent Department of Yuanta Securities Co., Ltd.
Address: B1F., No. 210, Sec. 3, Chengde Rd., Datong Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan
Tel: 886-2-2586-5859
Website: www.yuanta.com.tw


Investor Relations

For more information or to provide feedback on our investor relations, please contact us at:
Tel: 886-2-6615-8888
Email: IR@wiwynn.com

Stock Transfer Agent

Stock Transfer Agent Department of Yuanta Securities Co., Ltd.
Address: B1F., No. 210, Sec. 3, Chengde Rd., Datong Dist., Taipei City