Wiwynn Launches SV7110 Storage Server, Submits Its Design

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Wiwynn today announces the launching of its OCP product SV7110, and submitted this product’s mechanical and electrical assets to the OCP Foundation for review. By sharing ideas, specifications and design details, Wiwynn firmly avows its commitment to the OCP community.

Wiwynn SV7110 is based on an architecture that contains an Intel Atom Processor based micro-server card and a 12G SAS solution baseboard with Avago controller and expander chips.

Emily Hong, President of Wiwynn said “I am excited to announce our new product and share its design to the OCP community. SV7110 allows flexible scale-out infrastructure in data centers with OCP micro servers. SV7110 maximizes application performance by offering customizable configurations and computation/storage ratio.”

“Wiwynn’s announcement of the SV7110 is the most recent example of the collaboration between Wiwynn and Intel to bring new high density, energy efficient solutions to the data center”, said Raejeanne Skillern, GM, Cloud Service Provider Organization, Intel.

“The Intel Atom Processor C2000 series processors offer the ideal mix of low power and density for cold storage solutions such as those targeted by the SV7110.”