Wiwynn Latest GPU server, find out from: Gregary Liu – Apply OCP Design Principles to Enhance 19 inch Power-Consuming GPU server

For high power consumption systems such as GPU server, the thermal solution is a big challenge. The breakthrough design of isolated cooling air channels is adopted in server board, GPU subsystem, and power supply units of Wiwynn SV500G3. The architecture sets the deep learning performance benefits free from thermal barriers under eight high power computing accelerators. Cooling efficiency is optimized with well managed air flow and hence achieved excellent CFM per wattage ratio. SV500G3 is also able to operate at higher ambient temperature for better PUE. The server board leverages OCP Project Olympus server board which had been massively used and verified in hyper-scale data centers, that guarantees availability. Compared to traditional GPU servers, the system is front-accessible with tool-less maintenance. Rack cabling and maintenance efforts are reduced to a minimum, enabling our customers to focus more on rack configuration and deployment scalability.