Wiwynn at Computex 2018 Recap

Wondering why Wiwynn attracts such a huge crowds at Computex2018?! Seize your last chance to visit Wiwynn booth at TICC to witness the latest technology for next generation data center!


As a cloud infrastructure provider, Wiwynn’s top priority is to build a next-generation data center for cloud clients.

Wiwynn’s top priorities are developing data center products that reduce power consumption of power transmission, conversion loss, and cooling.

Ever concerned with Power Usage Efficiency (PUE), we believe that the 48V power supply and two-phase (immersion) cooling will become the key technologies for the next generation data centers.

It was an honor to have you in attendance!
We appreciated your participation and sharing your thoughts with us during the show.
Looking forward to seeing you again next year.

Wiwynn, Igniting Next Generation Data Center!