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Today’s topic is “Wiwynn Advanced Cooling Technology”. We will cover series of chapters ranging from the concepts of Cooling Liquid, to details of Immersion and Liquid Cooling Technology.

For Immersion Cooling, we are happy to invite guest from 3M, Phil Tuma, Application Development Specialist, to talk about the theory, benefits of its eco-friendly cooling liquid. Raghavan Venugopal, Executive Director of Chief Account Executive, from Wiwynn will illustrate more about Wiwynn Immersion Cooling Tank, roadmap, commission process and its future planning.

To deep dive into Liquid Cooling, Lentis Pai, Senior Manager of Thermal Solution Development, who is an expert in advanced cooling from Wiwynn, will talk about Wiwynn’s roadmap in Liquid Cooling, the co-work experiences with OCP (Open Compute Project), and details of Cold plate for 1000W, such as blind-mate and integration.

So, welcome you to join this informative and knowledgeable webinar to learn about Wiwynn and partner’s endless efforts in the advanced cooling for sustainability.

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