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Today’s topic is “Wiwynn Edge Innovation”. We will cover series of chapters ranging from the Nvidia AI Eco-system, Acceleration Performance to Wiwynn’s MEC / 5G Server.

For AI Eco-system, we are happy to invite guest from Nvidia, Eason Hung, Solution Architect, to talk about the AI server solution. Gregary Liu, Senior Technical Manager of Product Planning & Architecture, from Wiwynn will illustrate more about the acceleration performance of edge applications, including AI Inference performance benchmark, AI for AOI–i4.0, multi-task AI performance and edge applications with Intel Inside. Last but not least, Steven Hwang, Executive Director, Business Development and Management of Wiwynn, will wrap up this event by introducing the MEC / 5G Server and it’s building block design.

So, be on time to join this in-depth webinar about Edge solution!

Techday Online Webinar: Advanced Cooling


Replay the keynote on LinkedIn. We covered series of chapters ranging from the concepts of Cooling Liquid, to details of Immersion and Liquid Cooling Technology.

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