Sustainable Society

Since 2013, Wiwynn employees have voluntarily donated NT$480,000 and donated 634 gift boxes.
Employees voluntarily organized to remote communities to help small-scale farmers and local residents in harvesting their crops.
The Company strengthen industry-academia collaboration and donated the High Performance Computing Center (HPC Center) worth NT$60 million to the Tainan Campus of National Chiao Tung University.

Special Edition on Sustainable Society – Wiwynn Donates to High Performance Computing Center of National Chiao Tung University Tainan Campus to Reinforce Industrial- Academia Collaboration

Jointly with two Taiwanese companies, Wiwynn donated to the Tainan Campus of Nation-al Chiao Tung University the High Performance Computing Center (HPC Center) worth NT$ 60 million for use in teaching and research by the College of Artificial Intelligence and Green Energy and the College of Photonics. The Company attended the donation ceremony at the Tainan Campus of National Chiao Tung University on the afternoon of November 18, 2019. The industry and the academia work together to contribute to the development of artificial intelligence technology in Taiwan.

The President and CEO of Wiwynn, Ms. Emily Hong indicated that: “Wiwynn continues to invest and develop in the cloud data center industry and constantly work with the academic community to cultivate advanced technology development. Personally I am honored to be able to work with National Chiao Tung University. The high performance computing server designed for artificial intelligence and advanced computing helps with the research and development of the National Chiao Tung University in the AI field and supports related teach-ing in order to develop outstanding talent and to enhance the overall industrial technical capabilities. In the future, Wiwynn will continue to invest in Tainan by getting involved in more industry-academia collaboration projects. Combining the advanced laboratory of Wiwynn’s Tainan Branch and the abundant academia-industry-research institutions such as the National Chiao Tung University in Tainan, we can create the innovation center that covers R&D, manufacturing, and product maintenance in Tainan.”

Acting President Sin-Horng Chen of National Chiao Tung University indicated that “The National Chiao Tung University has a solid foundation in academic research in the field of AI. The College of Artificial Intelligence and Green Energy was set up on the Tainan cam-pus with consolidation of shred innovation, development, and practical research as its core belief. I would like to thank the industry and alumni for closely following on and generously supporting the construction of the HPC Center, which will not only help with the development of the Tainan campus but also significantly enhance the overall competitive advantages of the National Chiao Tung University.”

Wiwynn invested in and set up the branch office in the Tainan Park of the Southern Taiwan Science Park in January 2019 and started mass production of servers in June. Besides continuing to expand and optimize the production capability, the Company configured the smart R&D laboratory, new product introduction (NPI) lines, global product failure analysis laboratory, and Asia-Pacific after-sales service and maintenance center at the same time. Wiwynn donated a total of 13 high performance computing servers – SV500G3 which is designed for artificial intelligence/deep learning applications. By combining Wiwynn’s advanced cloud data center infrastructure technologies, the server cluster provide more than 11.6 Peta Flops computing power within only two racks and 36KW power consumption. The server cluster enables large-scale parallel AI computing in the most effective way and create an advanced HPC Center featuring both power efficiency and computing efficacy.

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