Sustainable Innovation

Materiality Performances

Innovations in Products, Services and R&D
R&D expenditure was NT$2,179,233, YoY +51.12%
Intellectual Property Rights
Invention patents accounted for 92% of the total patent types
The number of patent certificates obtained in new technology increased by 7% compared to 2019
The number of patent proposals increased by 5% compared to 2019
The number of patents granted worldwide by the Corporation has increased by 7% compared to 2019
Customer Health and Safety
No receive any grievances from customers regarding safety and health
No violated health and safety laws and regulations
The number of grievances regarding customer health and safety was 0
Customer Privacy and Information Security
Passed information security audits ISO 9001, AEO and customer verification
No grievances of infringement of customer privacy and loss of customer data have been received
No event of ransomware caused by phishing
A total of 6 information security advocacy events were held
Information security education training for all employees. More than 900 employees were trained, and the training hours exceeded 720 hours
The false click rate of phishing mails was 16.1%, decreased by 5.4% compared to 2019
Information system vulnerability scan and repair rate continues to reach 100%
The penetration rate of full-disk encryption of employees’ computers and anti-virus software virus code update rate continue to reach 100%
2 information security drills were held

Innovation Material Topic

●:Goal Achieved ▲:Goal Yet to be Achieved

20202021Medium and Long-Term
Innovations in Products, Services and R&D● Continuing to innovate in product integration performance (such as high-performance computing application) to provide more advanced and superior products
In 2020, we published several technology white papers and optimized the development process to continue to provide more advanced and excellent products
Actively participate in the development and cooperation of new generation platforms, develop edge computing servers for 5G, artificial intelligence computing (AI), highdensity storage, liquid cooling technology, highefficiency power supply technology (such as 48V), to provide the best solutions to customerContinuing to maintain technological leadership and providing customers with comprehensive cloud application solutions
Intellectual Property Rights▲ Amending incentive methods to encourage our employees in to actively make proposals
To make the incentives more effective in enhancing the number of patent proposals, different incentive mechanisms were developed and tested. It is expected that the results of the trial will be reviewed and the incentive methods will be released in 2021
● While encouraging the “quantity” of patent proposals, at the same time, we also strengthen the “quality” of patents. The invention type of patents should reach more than 90% of the Corporation’s total patents
Invention patents account for 92%
• The funds invested in the application and maintenance of official patent cases shall not be less than 0.5% of the independent research and development funds
• Drafted Wiwynn intellectual property management measures
• Obtained TIPS patent and trademark certification
• All employee participated in the introductory intellectual property rights training courses and tracked the effectiveness of training in combination with pre- and post-class tests
In addition to the continuous increase in valid patents every year, the Taiwan Intellectual Property Management System (TIPS) is introduced in order to use intellectual property more effectively, promote the integration of core patent technology, and reflect the higher value of intellectual property rights through investment and authorization
Customer Health and Safety● Continuous innovation in stable product quality (stability and yield enhancement under more severe environments), ease of operations and safety (to avoid occupational injuries in product
operations), etc. to provide more advanced and superior products

There were 0 grievances in terms of customer health and safety in 2020
For telecom edge computing requirements, we ensure product meets the NEBS level 3 certification requirements of network equipment construction system to ensure the personal safety of equipment operators and protect related equipment to ensure the reliability of the entire network equipmentWe continue to evaluate the impact of products or services on customer safety and health, and provide customers products and services that are safe and non-hazardous to their health
Customer Privacy and Information Security● Strengthening information security management of product files of R&D personnel and product managers
USB storage device control was enabled in 2020
● Strengthening network access security mechanism, import Microsoft 365 MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication), VPN, RD LAN
100% of all employees have enabled MFA, Mobile and PC dual device authentication in 2020
● Imported Office 365 ATP (Advanced Threat Protection) to prevent phishing emails, Trojan horse emails and ransomware from infiltrating the Corporation’s intranet
100% of all employees have enabled ATP email protection to block phishing websites in 2020
● Strengthen cloud platform identity verification mechanism (Azure AD)
We completed SAP S/4HANA on Azure cloud platform and independence of Microsoft 365/Azure domain, and independently manage cloud information security mechanism in 2020
● Strengthening the operations of information security organization
● Continuing to strengthen information security awareness and advocacy and education
● Continuing various information security drills and audits, and passed external information security audits and certifications
● Strengthening information security protection and monitoring mechanism, and the security of software use
We improved the information security protection mechanism and safeguard the rights and interests of stakeholders

Special: Digital Transformation

In recent years, digital transformation has been a popular topic. The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 has forced companies to accelerate the pace of digitalization. Compared with the digital and automation development strategy oriented to reduce labor costs, Wiwynn’s management level pays more attention to the digital literacy of all grassroots employees, expecting to promote digital transformation from the bottom up. Therefore, in 2020, Wiwynn has not only hold various creative competitions, education training of digital tools, and a series of activities of Digital Festival 2020. Also a dedicated unit called the Digital Promotion Department was established, hoping to realize the ideal of end user computing.