Sustainable Governance

The Company has nine Directors (including four Independent Directors) including two female Directors who account for 22% of all Directors.
The training hours of Directors totaled at least 6 hours per person in 2019.
The score of the performance evaluation of the Board of Directors in 2019 was 98 points and the evaluation results “exceeded standards
Zero cases of unethical conduct or corruption were discovered in 2019.
The Company issued 772 “Supplier Ethical Management Letters” in 2019 and Taipei Headquarters recovered 452
Letters while Tainan Branch recovered 114 Letters, culminating in a completion rate of 73.32%.
99% of new employees in 2019 completed the “Code of Conduct Training”.
Tainan Branch passed the RBA third-party audit on November 12, 2019 and zero discrepancies were found in the ethical management items which included zero illegal proceeds.
Wiwynn was not subject to monetary fines or other non-monetary penalties in compliance with social and economic laws and regulations in 2019.
There were no legal actions for anti-competitive behavior, anti-trust, and monopoly practices in 2019.
The after-tax net profit of 2019 increased by 10.61% from the previous year.
Wiwynn audited suppliers’ corporate sustainability and social responsibilities in 2019 and all 26 suppliers were qualified in the audit results.

Governance Performance

Supply Chain Management

Wiwynn takes suppliers as crucial partners, and cooperate with them to establish a long-term stable supply chain. In addition to considering the technical skills, quality, delivery dates, and price com petitiveness Of our suppliers, it requires suppliers to endeavor to protect the environment, ensure the safety and health Of the environment, emphasize the importance of human rights, and work with us to fulfill corporate social responsibilities (CSR). The following supply chain management system will be adopted for the implementation.

Supply Chain Management System
Supplier SurveyIn accordance with the Procurement Management Operating Procedure, our new suppliers are managed and evaluated. The evaluation covers quality, environmental protection, employee health and safety, and human rights, among others.
CSR Management SystemThe Supplier Quality Management (SQM) Department audits and verifies corporate sustainability and social responsibilities of suppliers by visiting the manufacturing sites of suppliers.
Quality System Audit (QSA)Suppliers’ quality assurance systems are audited and verified through visits to their manufacturing sites in accordance with the Supplier Quality Assurance System Audit Operating Procedure.
Quality Process Audit (QPA)Suppliers’ process quality is audited and verified through visits to their manufacturing sites in accordance with the Supplier Process Quality Audit Operating Procedure.
Supplier Performance Management (SPM)Product quality, cost, lead time, and service are evaluated of each supplier in accordance with the Supplier Performance Rating Specification.
New Supplier Evaluation

Wiwynn Corporation currently has one Supplier Evaluation Group that is formed jointly by related units, namely design and development, procurement, and supplier quality management. It is responsible for performing supplier evaluation, among other tasks. New suppliers of Wiwynn are required to be ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IECQ QC 080000, and OHSAS 18001(ISO 45001) qualified and sign the the Declaration over Non-use of Environmentally Hazardous Substances, the RBA Letter of Undertaking, the Declaration over Non-use of Conflict Minerals, and the Integrity Policy Letter.

Supplier Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibilities Management

Wiwynn decides annual risky suppliers each year and implements the Corporate sustainability and Social Responsibilities Audit Plan to audit and evaluate the suppliers. Among the items to be verified during new supplier evaluation, respect for human rights, caring for workers, environmental protection, and social responsibilities management are included. The accomplishments are described as follows:

  1. The 2019 corporate sustainability and social responsibilities audit was performed among a total of 26 risky suppliers in phases. All the results were Approved.
  2. During the annual group-wide Partner Conference, Wiwynn’s belief in corporate sustainable operation and management is communicated and suppliers are encouraged to honor the essence of corporate sustainable operation and management.
Controversial Procurement

A professional cloud server manufacturer, Wiwynn Corporation makes it explicit to suppliers that the Company does not support nor use conflict minerals and parts of its products may not contain conflict minerals. Violators will have their Wiwynn supplier qualification canceled immediately. No suppliers violated it in 2019.

Wiwynn continues with the non-purchase of conflict metals policy and supports the strategy and practice of RMI in conflict metals and has adopted the conflict mineral report template and package management tool released by RMI.

When suppliers are found and verified with one of the following conditions, the purchase unit needs to ask them to suspend their upstream of the supply chain or discontinue doing business with them and the quality management unit will inform related suppliers of making improvements and follow up with them. If it is a customer-designated supplier, the customer will be notified and asked about how it shall be handled.

  • The supplier reports CMRT survey findings and indicates that a specific mineral comes from a conflicting area.
  • The location where the minerals provided by the suppliers are purchased does not exist, is not correct, or involves the deception risk.
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