Sustainable Environment

Materiality Performances

Climate Change Strategies and Energy Management
Gained A- CDP Climate Change Item
Bundled RECs 10% of the electricity replaced by renewable energy
Setting carbon reduction goal and renewable energy use goal
Passed the certification of ISO 14064-1:2018
Passed the certification of ISO50001: 2018
The energy saving 246,422 kWh of electricity each year, which is equivalent to a reduction of 124 tons of CO2e emission
Sustainable Products
Power transformation efficiency results greater than customer standards
High-efficiency heat dissipation design can achieve high heat dissipation efficiency and high energy-saving results (low pPUE value at 1.03)
100% compliance with product non-hazardous substance regulations and customer specifications
Waste Management
Passed ISO14001 third-party continuing review, with 0 major defect
Waste recycle rate was 86.61%, increased by 32.81 compared to that of 2019
Waste output by Tainan Branch, compared to employee number unit equivalent in 2019, decreased by 24.4%
Waste output by Wiwynn HQ, compared to employee number unit equivalent in 2019, decreased by 7.7%

Environment Material Topic

●:Goal Achieved ▲:Goal Yet to be Achieved

20202021Medium and Long-Term
Climate Change Strategies and Energy Management● Wiwynn HQ passes ISO 14064-1: 2018 Green House Gases Part 1:Specification with guidance external certification
Wiwynn HQ passed the external certification ISO 14064-1: 2018 Green House Gases Part 1: Specification with guidance in 2020
● Tainan Branch passes ISO50001: 2018 Energy Management System external certification
Tainan Branch passed ISO50001: 2018 Energy Management System external certification in 2020
● We formulate energy-saving incentives and enhance energy-saving plans
● We increase the use of renewable energy and evaluate the diversity of sources of energy use
● We strengthen upstream carbon reduction management and work with the supply chain to identify opportunities for improvement
Achieving carbon reduction goals and renewable energy use goals
Sustainable Products● Continuous innovation in product energy-saving carbon reduction (new cooling technology and power conversion design, continuous introduction of green and friendly environmental materials) to provide more advanced and superior products
The actual conversion efficiency results of high-efficiency power conversion are better than customer standards. Compared with the general gas cooling that has a pPUE value of 1.4, the high-efficiency heat dissipation design can achieve high heat dissipation efficiency and high energy-saving effect (low pPUE value 1.03)
● We continue to maintain 100% compliance with product regulations and customer specifications without hazardous substances
In 2020, no event of violation of hazardous substances prohibition or customer complaint due to violation of customer requirements
● Maintaining IECQ QC080000 external certification
We continue to evaluate the effectiveness of hazardous substances management system IECQ QC 080000 and maintain external certification
• We maintain 100% compliance with relevant regulations and customer specifications for products free of hazardous substances, as well as IECQ QC080000 external certification
• We continue to develop energy-saving and carbon reducing product and technologies, develop and introduce more efficient power supply (such as 48V) and heat dissipation technology (such as optimized CFM/Watt) to achieve the goal of low PUE and high energysaving
• We follow WEEE and design products that are easy to disassemble and recyclable to meet 3R Standard, such as the use of recycled plastic and recyclable packaging
We continue to implement the product life cycle evaluation, and strive to reduce the environmental hazards caused by products
Waste Management(Materiality Item added in 2021)● Waste recycle rate reaches more than 90%
● The waste output of Wiwynn HQ, relative to the number of employees, the target is less than 80kg/person (year)
● The waste output of Tainan Branch, relative to the production capacity (number of pieces), and the target is less than 0.5kg/piece
● We conduct audits at least once annually for clearing and handling waste outsourcing agencies
● Garbage reduction and classification advocacy for employees
Trace the origins of waste to reduce waste, and improve waste recycling rate

Special: Green Electricity Report

Words from the CEO

“Energy-saving and carbon reduction have always been the goal of the joint efforts of the energy-intensive data center industry. Use of green electricity is not only an important competitive condition in the current industry, but also a commitment to sustainable operations as a citizen of the earth. We expect to use 10% of the green electricity in Wiwynn HQ from 2021, and we plan to invest more resources in the future to increase the overall green electricity ratio.”

On December 28, 2020, Wiwynn officially announced the completion of the signing of the green power procurement contract, allowing Wiwynn to lead the industry and become the first company in the information service industry in Taiwan to directly purchase green electricity from energy retailer through renewable energy power purchase agreements (PPA) after the electricity act amendments and achieve environmental benefits.

Wiwynn has been deeply involved in the cloud data center industry, and continues to assist customers in improving data center power efficiency through technological innovation. As hyperscale data center customers have declared that they will achieve the goal of carbon neutrality or 100% renewable energy in the next few years, Wiwynn has also started from the operations and gradually promotes energy-saving carbon reduction. Not only has it been leading the industry in planning green power procurement, it has also gained A- in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Climate Change item announced in 2020.

The green electricity purchased by Wiwynn comes from a solar power plant built on the roof of the school building of Tainan Girl’s Senior High School, making Tainan Girl’s High School the first school in Taiwan that sells green electricity to a company. This will allow the concept of sustainable energy transition deeply rooted in education, realize the civic responsibility with society to pursue clean energy, and find a sustainable path for the environment.