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Open Compute Project

About Wiwynn and Open Compute Project

Open Compute Project

The Open Compute Project (OCP) initiative was first announced in 2011 and set out to encourage companies to work together to design and deliver server, storage, and data center designs that are both efficient and scalable. With this in mind, the OCP has a number of criteria that designs must meet in order to be accepted into the project: Efficiency, Openness, Impact, and Scale.


OCP Accepted Products

In short, OCP Accepetd products that are accepted into OCP need to show improvements in efficiency; the design needs to be Open – thus allowing others to use and modify the design; the design needs accomplish its goals in new ways; and the design needs to be scalable.

Wiwynn’s OCP Accepted products can be broken down into:

(1) Wiwynn 21” Open Rack products

(2) Wiwynn 19” Olympus Rack products


Contributed Design by Wiwynn

As an active OCP member, and an OCP Solution Provider, Wiwynn is one of the leading contributors with 6 Design Contributions and 13 OCP Accepted Products as of December 2017.

Furthermore, Wiwynn is actively working to bring many of the TCO-enhancing features from OCP to its range of traditional servers to bring customers highly customizable and easily serviced products across the range.

You can easily check out the Marketplace from Opencompute.org for more details.

From its inception, Wiwynn set out to join the OCP data center revolution, recognizing that OCP’s concept promised to bring higher ​value for cloud services and data centers. We actively sought to address the needs of the data centers and invested in enhancing our own R & D, developing everything in-house, including function planning, product design, manufacturing, assembly and verification capabilities. These efforts paid off by allowing Wiwynn to master core technology products and deliver high product quality assurance for its customers.