OCP ACS Immersion Cooling

OCP ACS Immersion Cooling The OCP ACS (Advanced Cooling Solution) is a sub-project under the OCP Rack & Power Project. The Immersion sub-project enables community driven activities focused on facilitating OCP and industry progression of immersion cooling. Within the Rack and Power ACS group, this project also facilitates harmonization between different ACS sub-projects and the Advanced Cooling Facilities sub-project to the DCF group Reference Links:Microsoft Partners with Wiwynn to Test 2 Phase Immersion Cooling in Production Deployment - DCDWiwynn 2-Phase Immersion Cooling with 48V Power SolutionAdvanced Cooling – Service Oriented 2 Phase Immersion Cooling with 48VHardware Management [...]

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OpenRMC Design Specification

OpenRMC Design Specification The OpenRMC Sub-Project is under the direction of the OCP Hardware Management Project Group and creates designs and specifications to enable interoperable manageability for Open Rack managers. The data center rack management specification for various open rack manufactures. Once it is being set, Open rack manufacturers will have to follow the specification for the rack management. Data center would definitely benefit from this for massive rack deployment. Reference Links: Wiwynn OpenRMC Dev-kit Block Diagram of Dev-kit Wiwynn and Open Compute Project Wiwynn is an OCP Platinum Member, Qualified OCP Solution [...]

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