Hundreds of new cloud services and edge applications can run on this new 5G digital backbone. In transportation, real-time communication helps improve safety and traffic flow for vehicles. Healthcare providers can monitor patients by remote, use AI to make accurate diagnoses, and help hospitals run more smoothly. Manufacturers can use 5G networks to run high-efficiency smart factories while retailers can create seamless experiences for customers.
While promising ultra-high speeds, low latency, and greater reliability, 5G revolution is but part of the story as there’s also an evolution in existing technologies with new generations of fiber, cable, Wi-Fi, and short-range technologies.

Open from Cloud to Edge

As most of you are aware, with the upcoming of the 5G era, our industry is quickly expanding from Public and Private Cloud to Central Office (CO), and to Edge at Radio Access Network (RAN). The availability of edge computing offers lots of previously unavailable applications such as real-time artificial intelligence and others.